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About the Ship & Anchor

MON - FRI 11:00AM - 2:00AM
SAT - SUN 10:00AM - 2:00AM


We welcome minors accompanied by parents/guardians daily until 7pm

"I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. Bingo on Tuesday? Amazing. Weekend Brunch Menu? The BEST in town. Service? Always friendly and attentive. Live shows? Killer. Beer selection? Respectably large. But seriously, get the breakfast poutine next time you have a hangover. Your body will thank you for it." GOOGLE Katherine C

"Ship & Anchor Pub is a Calgary institution. It's the perfect bar: perfect location, perfect pub food, perfect crowd. This spot appeals to everyone, which is why men in business suits will be seated right next to tattoo'd bikers. Ship's big patio right on 17th makes it the perfect stop before, after, or during a night out in Calgary. Despite its popularity, it's not too hard to find a seat. Inside is dive-bar-esque, with lots of seats and a tiny dance floor -- just the way I like it. Staff is attentive and menu is good pub fare at super affordable prices. Visit once and you'll be a regular like the rest of us in no time." YELP Bridget C

"...It's a REAL pub. The kind where people know each other & look out for each other, but where you can still have fabulous conversations with folks you have never seen before & will never see again. Especially if you are on the patio or sitting at the bar, the range of connections you can make is endless.

I have spent the evening talking to ex-Navy guys, professors of education, actors, techies, people dressed as giant gingerbread men. I've spent the evening watching folks I have never met making pirate hats out of newspaper & passing them around. I've spent the evening with people I HAVE met, just chatting & having a exceptional night at the pub. 

And the bar staff are amazing! Mentioning the Ship at a bar I visited in Ottawa immediately elicited admiration from the bartender - he'd been here, he couldn't believe how speedy the bartenders were at pouring beer.

Breakfast is good, & it is a great place to watch soccer, morning or otherwise. There is usually a knowledgeable crowd around enjoying the matches..." YELP Cindy B